Look at the faces of my people

You will find expressions of love and despair,hope and joy, sadness and desire,
and all the human feelings that live
in the hearts of people of all colors.
Yet, the heart never knows the color of the skinn.”

Chief Dan George

När jag var senast i Kanada så köpte jag boken The best of chief Dan George.

Har suttit och läst i den idag.

Chief Dan George var en vis man. Något som berörde mig mycket
var  The bear is closest to man. (Björnen är närmast människan)

”When I was born my grandfather took me from my mother
and wrapped me into a black bear`s soft fur blanket.
It gave me warmth! It gave me security and comfort! How can I be
anything but grateful to the bear? Of all the creatures he is closest to man.
Yet it seems there is little placed for him now.”
Chief Dan George